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Plumbing Tips

The Plumbing Expert offers advice as well as service. On every call we attempt to deliver maximum value for the time we spend with you. This includes offering tips that will save you from problems in the future. The following will also help you get the most from our services:

In an Emergency:
• Make sure everyone is safe
• Plan your best course of action…it may help first to take a deep breath, relax and then begin
• If needed – and if possible – shut off water at source and turn off gas
• Or, call us and we'll provide help asap

Before you call:
• It helps us provide faster solutions if you’re able to specifically describe the problem
• If possible, be prepared with what may have caused the problem, the location and any other relevant details
• Or, call us and we'll get to work on solving the problem

Before we arrive:
• It may also help speed the solution by writing a description of the problem
• You may also find it helpful to list any other plumbing, drainage or heating issues
you would like to discuss with us

Common Plumbing Abbreviations

    W/C = Toilet
    CWM = Clothes Washing Machine
    DWM = Dish washing Machine
    LAV = Bathroom Sink
    HWT = Water Heater
    LT = Laundry Tray
    CFT = Claw Foot Tub
    FD = Floor Drain
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The Plumbing Expert, provides plumbing repair, installation & contracting services across the Greater Toronto Area, including New Tecumseth, King, Mississauga, Brampton, Georgetown, North York, Vaughan and Etobicoke, Caledon, Orangeville and surrounding. We offer complete High Rise and Low Rise Residential & Commercial Plumbing Service.